Tonight is the season finale of True Detective (HBO, 9 pm), so naturally you'll be watching that—and perhaps playing US News' True Detective Bingo?—but don't forget about the other must-watch show this evening... Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey (Fox and National Geographic Channel, 9 pm) starring astrophysicist dreamboat Neil deGrasse Tyson! From this week's I Love Television™:

The new Cosmos will focus on telling "the story of the universe, from the beginning to the distant future," as Dr. Tyson literally walks us through the Big Bang (with the help of hotsy-totsy special effects), our earliest theories about the universe (such as those by Italian friar/poet/astronomer Giordano Bruno), as well as the most recent discoveries (remember those 715 new planets?). And like the original Cosmos, where Carl Sagan shared the wonder and majesty of space, Dr. Tyson's version won't be just an explanation of science—but why it has mattered, and always will.

And tonight's debut also features an intro from President Obama (though actually, I'd rather see him introduce True Detective). (Also, this is your last chance to squirt out your True Detective theories! Place your bets in the comments below!)