In the past couple years, Adam Arnold has undertaken fascinating and non-traditional apparel projects, his last true runway show having been for his collaborative line with Elizabeth Dye (Immaculate Martin) at the Merc's last Open Season. Now, he's announced a spring show at his studio, a return to form* that means Portland fans will be able to experience how all his other experiments, collaborations, and influences have manifested themselves in his always-impressive, always-unexpected, and deeply/particularly thought out designs.

But jump to it fast: Formal invitations are barely out the door, but even those whose street addresses he doesn't have are invited to the presentation scheduled for next Friday (!) March 21 at 7:30 pm at the Adam Arnold Studio (338 SE MLK).

*When you are talking about someone who has created scenes in which tiny pastel matadors emerge from gilded eggs and models walk on black water, "form" is a loose term.