A woman who says a Multnomah County staffer forcibly groped her may be paid out of court for her claims.

The county's board of commissioners will vote Thursday on whether to approve a settlement with the woman, who filed $633,300 lawsuit in August. The county won't say how much the proposed settlement is worth, but to merit a vote by commissioners it needs to be upwards of $25,000.

As we've reported, the plaintiff in the case says Leslie Taylor, a juvenile probation officer with the Multnomah County Department of Community Justice, subjected her to unwanted advances that culminated in him running a hand up her dress in July 2012 and saying: "I can tell you're clenching your pussy for me."

The woman—who we're not naming because she's the victim of an alleged sexual assault—works for the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC), which contracts with the county to help juvenile offenders. She met Taylor through the job in early 2012. The suit claimed he immediately "demonstrated inappropriate sexual interest" in comments and touching, and that the woman asked two co-workers to speak with him about his behavior.

The behavior allegedly subsided, and the woman decided it was safe to accompany Taylor on a visit to a mutual client. It was during that outing the alleged groping occurred. Following the altercation, the woman filed a report with the Portland Police Bureau. But she declined to participate in a "pretext call," in which she'd phone Taylor and elicit a confession. No charges were filed.

Taylor, who's acknowledged to police this was not the first complaint to be lodged against him, was put on paid administrative leave in November 2012. He was allowed to return to his $64,289-per-year position in April 2013.