... And their site's having trouble keeping up with the traffic. But we've got Community creator Dan Harmon, the hilarious-on-twitter Morgan Murphy, Seán Cullen; hometown hero Matt Braunger; Hari Kondabolu (who just released an album on KRS yesterday); Baron Vaughn, one of my favorites from last year; Kumail Nanjiani and Jonah Ray of popular LA show The Meltdown; Aparna Nancherla, who killed at the All Jane festival a few months ago; ditto Janine Brito... and a whole bunch more.

At a glance: Solid lineup of mid-tier comics who aren't household names, but probably will be one day; I wouldn't be surprised to see another flashy headliner or two added over the next few months. (The festival's been bumped to May this year.)

I'll post the whole lineup in one long, not-very-well-formatted infodump after the break. If their site's working for you, definitely go look at all the pretty headshots.

Sean Cullen
Dan Harmon
Matt Braunger
Kumail Nanjiani
Wil Anderson
Morgan Murphy
Jeff Davis
Sean Patton
Jonah Ray
Jamie Lee
Aparna Nancherla
Nate Bargatze
Julian McCullough
Andres du Bouchet
Matt Kirshen
Christian Duguay
Hari Kondabolu
Baron Vaughn
Ron Funches
Jon Daly
Adrienne Iapalucci
Adam Newman
Myq Kaplan
Brendon Walsh
Ahmed Bharoocha
Levi MacDougall
Shane Mauss
Andy Haynes
Jay Larson
Sean O'Connor
Ryan Sickler
Ian Karmel
Hampton Yount
Sam Simmons
James Davis
tony camin
Auggie Smith
Jesse Case
David Smithyman
Joe Zimmerman
Dwight Slade
Josh Gondelman
Billy Wayne Davis
Amber Tozer
Mark Normand
Dave Stone
Karl Hess
Chris Locke
Nick Rutherford
Kevin Avery
Bryan Cook
Sean Flannery
Derek Smith
Joselyn Hughes
Bri Pruett
Kellen Erskine
Melissa Villasenor
Shane Torres
Andy Erikson
Byron Bowers
Nathan Brannon
Leo Flowers
Kristin Manna
Bob Khosravi
Emily Maya Mills
Richard Bain
Will Weldon
Jade Catta-Preta
Matt Ingebretson
Janine Brito
Megan Koester
John F. O'Donnell
Sean jordan
David Cope
Randy Mendez
Casey Ley
Vince Averill
Aaron Weaver
Kiran Deol
Kristine Levine
Billy Prinsell
Charlie Rohrer
Greg Santos
Mary Van Note
Anthony Lopez
Jesse Elias
Jim Hickox
Amy Miller
Sean Donnelly
Kimberly Clark
Lance Paullin
Eliza Skinner
James Ball
Peggy O'Leary
Carolyn Busa
David Foster
Rojo Perez
Caroline Bassett
Sean Green
Steve Gillespie
Rebecca O'Neal
Ivan Hernandez
Anna Seregina
Douglas Gale
Tony Sam
Ben Bizuneh
Lisa Best
Martin Morrow
Rob Haze
Andy Wood
Will Smalley
Adam Pasi
Kortney Shane Williams
Brian Mitchell
Philip Schallberger
Doug Smith
Joshua Murphy
Katherine Williams
Nick Cobb
Tim Hammer
Gabriel Rutledge
Johan Miranda
Will Miles
Rob Gleeson
Brent Flyberg
T.J. Chambers
Mike Lebovitz
Opeyemi Olagbaju
Christian Van Wade Ricketts
Subhah Agarwal
Tom Sibley
David Zoe Leon
Dina Hashem
Barbara Holm
Sachi Ezura
Nick Sahoyah
Katie Nguyen
Matteo Lane
Rhiannon Archer
Zak Toscani
Natasha Muse
JoAnn Schinderle
Molly Fite
Jeff Oliver
Kyle Mizono
Jordan Casner
Jackson Banks
Stephanie Hasz
Ryan Singer
Jacob Christopher
Anatoli Brant
Yogi Paliwal
Tanner Hodgeson
Steven Wilber
Nariko Ott
Curtis Cook
Wilfred Padua
Scott Losse
Monica Nevi
The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail
Jonah Raydio
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