Since Bri and became famous for our Mercury-sponsored talk show Late Night Action, we've been a bit more demanding with venues. While we normally try to keep this a secret, our rider was recently published on Wikileaks so we decided to get ahead of the story. Here is what we demand at any show.

Not my real father.
  • Not my real father.
A sudoku puzzle, level: difficult, but enough of the numbers are already filled in so it's not hard.
Tickets to another show going on around town that we can burn so there are empty seats at that show.
A trained hawk that will fly over the audience and return to my gloved hand
A framed picture of my dad with his arms crossed but looking stern but proud.
A framed picture of my mom looking disapproving but slightly amused.
A ripe heirloom tomato. They're in season somewhere, go there and bring me a tomato! I want a Panzanella salad
Every Kanye West album and mix tape on VINYL. And a record player with headphones.
Alphabet soup but only the letters in my name are left in

An Italian Vogue - She just likes the pictures better
Damian Lillard
A crossword puzzle with all the sports stuff and European port cities already filled in
An eyelash extension gal
A backup eyelash extension gal
Shredded Mexican blend cheese but all the white cheese pulled out


The next episode of Late Night Action w/ Alex Falcone and Bri Pruett is THIS SATURDAY and features local food heroes Ken Forkish (of Ken's Artisan) and Naomi Pomeroy (Beast, Top Chef Masters) plus comedy from Curtis Cook and The Aces and musical guest Mont Chris Hubbard. Get your tickets online, they're cheaper that way.

All celebrities appearing on Late Night Action receive New Deal vodka, and Water Ave coffee. You would too if you were more famous.