Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the plane that disappeared an hour into a flight to Beijing, may have flown for four more hours after vanishing from radar screens, according to one breathless theory aired by anonymous American investigators in the Wall Street Journal. The theory is based on engine diagnostic information allegedly collected by Rolls Royce—and it would imply the plane was flown somewhere as far as Pakistan and stashed for later use. Malaysian officials, however, are claiming no such engine data exists and that the report is false. In any case, the teams that have been fruitlessly searching the flight path for debris are turning their attentions west, to the Indian Ocean.

Russian forces, practically on the eve of a secession referendum in Crimea, are piling up along Ukraine's border for "exercises." It's not good when even the Germans feel compelled to give lectures about "the territorial integrity" of sovereign countries.

But you don't care. Because you just found out your Amazon Prime subscription is going up $20 a year.

Federal drug-crime sentences should probably, maybe, definitely be much smaller for low-level offenders, US Attorney General Eric Holder has sensibly said—in part to ease prison overcrowding but also to be fair. The stiffest sentences should await only the most serious crimes.

An allegedly drunk driver trying to dodge a copper in Austin turned right through barricades meant to protect South by Southwest revelers—killing two people and injuring 23 more. The driver reportedly got out after the chaos and tried to run off before he was Tasered.

The White House is watching, from afar, a long-simmering, now public, feud between Senator Dianne Feinstein and the CIA over torture. It's message is as such: "My name's Paul, and that's between y'all."

More bodies have turned up in the rubble of two Harlem buildings leveled in a gas explosion that shook up half of Manhattan.

In local news last night, Portland's second-longest stretch without a police shooting in 22 years has ended. A shootout near Wilson High School in Southwest's Hillsdale—following a search for a suspicious vehicle that had been tailing students—left a man dead and an officer injured.

A Manson Family acolyte convicted of murder decades ago, but not for the more infamous Tate and LoBianco slayings, has been granted parole. Unless California Governor Jerry Brown says no, just like he did last year.