This week I took a close look at XRAY.FM, the new progressive community radio station that celebrates its terrestrial broadcast launch tomorrow—the beta test of the online stream is already available (and will be the easiest way to access their programming for most of the city), which is an interesting and pretty plugged-in mix of talk and music. Looking into their situation was a real education in the hurdles a start-up like this faces, and opinions on its chances for success range from determined, spirited confidence to borderline mockery. There are good ideas and great intentions behind the project, which may ultimately end up manifesting in ways nobody saw coming. In the meantime, their launch party has an awesome lineup, with Ural Thomas & The Pain and Old Light, DJ sets from XRAY DJs like Rev Shines and AM Gold, raffle prizes from local companies like Stumptown and Toro Bravo, and it'll be MC'd by Portland musicians Corinna Repp and Kathy Foster. It kicks off at 9 at Mississippi Studios tomorrow, with a sliding scale of $15-30 going toward the cause.