Due propers to the all-weather cycling community, but for many, more sensitive riders the bike season is just arriving. Dovetailing with that is the launch of a collaboration between Berlin/Paris-based BLESS ("a multidisciplinary project that is consistently difficult to define... the elusive designers behind the brand are indifferent to the media and focus on quietly developing objects and garments that 'make the near future worth living for'") and Portland's own Table of Contents.

They've just released a lookbook for a new collection of cycling accessories: u-locks and cable locks, bags, and helmets that are crazy expensive. They are lovely, handmade in France (the helmet design is insane!), and have one foot in the fine art world, but most people simply aren't going to get much closer to them than looking at the photos, more of which I've posted over on MOD. In the meantime let's play a game. Guess how much a) a lock, b) a bag, and c) a helmet from the collection goes for, and I'll post the answers after the break. May we all be such ballers someday.

  • Table of Contents

a) $323-$590

b) $653

c) $984