Have you seen the Veronica Mars movie yet? Well, I LOVED IT. Certainly my expectations were at a reasonable level going in, but as Eric D. Snyder notes in his Mercury review, if you're looking for a beloved reunion featuring all of your fave characters, then Veronica Mars is a very successful use of your Kickstarter money.

HOWEVER! I did have ONE problem with the movie that has been nagging the shit out of me every since I saw it...


...Logan Echoll's Navy uniform.


This is the first time in the movie we see Logan, and they even make a cute Officer and a Gentleman joke. BUT LOOK AT IT. It's terribly fitted, and looks like he's wearing a circus tent (or as Alison more aptly put it, "a bee keeper's outfit"). Actor Jason Dohring is already a skinny guy—yes, I'm being "sizest," but don't stop me, I'm on a roll!—and in this outfit, he looks like a militarized version of David Byrne in Stop Making Sense.

So what I want to know is: WHAT DID THEY DO WITH THAT KICKSTARTER MONEY? I realize Rob Thomas & Co. had to pinch some major pennies—but if you can afford a camera, then you can afford a halfway decent tailor. Or hell! Just clip a clothespin to the back of that jacket! That's the first time we've seen the dreamboaty Logan in years, and so we expect our nethers to be wet—AND YET? MY NETHERS WERE NOT WET.

Geez, if you're that desperate? Next time, I'LL pay for the tailor. Anyway, otherwise? I LOVED IT.

Thank you, and GOOD DAY.

Did you have any minor quibbles with Veronica Mars? Clothespin them to the comments below.