Terrible news: L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer and longtime girlfriend of Mick Jagger, was found dead this morning by apparent suicide:

Scott's body was found hanging from a scarf on a doorknob by her assistant at her New York apartment around 10 a.m. Monday, reports the Daily News. The AP reports an official as saying no note was found and there was no sign of foul play. The medical examiner's office will determine the cause of death.

Scott was 49, and though anyone who dates Mick Jagger for over a decade would be famous by association, Scott was deservedly revered in her own right as a fashion designer. She did recently make some stage costumes for the Rolling Stones, but is way more well known for her London Fashion Week collections. Perhaps as a sign that trouble was brewing, her presentation for the most recent round of fashion week shows was canceled, but that's among many questions still unanswered as of now.