Go to hell, without a pretty please. And I'll be right behind you to light your ass on fire.

You don't refer me to my name, but you love to order me around, and do shit for you. You don't even know my name, but that's okay. I will never look you in the eye. I will never acknowledge your existence. It's my job, and I'm a servant, and I have a servant's heart, but when this building catches fire, or there is an emergency evacuation, or a gunman enters the building, I will not help you. You will never get to heaven, and I have more respect for the hair on my butthole!

Sweet Jesus, I love it when "religious" people fight. (And I really love it when they use the word "butthole.") Hey, do you have a confession or rant to share with the world? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog—where only the truly righteous congregate.