I am profoundly ambivalent about this new Peanuts movie, which, judging by the below teaser, is a thing that apparently exists:

On one hand I've read a whole lot of Peanuts, and watched a whole lot of Peanuts specials, because I am human who grew up in the '80s; naturally, there's a fair amount of affection for those characters built into my consciousness, except for that goddamn Lucy, who's a fucking monster.

On the other hand, the idea of Blue Sky Studios, a CG kids flick factory that makes huge amounts of money by making remarkably forgettable kids movies (so far they've cranked out Robots, Horton Hears a Who!, Rio, Epic, and four Ice Ages, with a fifth on the way), seems... well, okay, fine. It was inevitable someone would do this at some point; it was just as inevitable that when they did, the charm of Charles Schulz's scratchy, wobbly, doodly style would be smoothed out with sterile, plasticine CG. And a 2001 reference, because nothing gets today's kids excited like a 2001 reference!

Anyway, let us decide, Blogtown: Based purely on this slight nothing of a teaser, shall we CONDEMN or ALLOW this new Peanuts movie? Please remember that all Blogtown votes are permanent and legally binding.