In my look at the launch of XRAY.FM this week, I mentioned that the FCC was also making it possible for a number of small community stations to emerge on Portland airwaves (LPFMs), and look, here they come: The Q-Center-headquartered Wild Planet Radio, "Portland's LGBTQ Station," is currently streaming online and planning to launch terrestrial broadcast in June in conjunction with Portland's Pride Fest. But first they have to contend with some familiar-sounding challenges:

With an FM license in hand, our dedicated volunteers are spending countless hours preparing for an FM launch. At this point our need for financial assistance is dire. In order to be in compliance with the FCC (and actually get "on-the-air") we must purchase a transmitter, antenna and other various pieces of equipment. The estimated cost for the equipment and hiring licensed engineers to install everything is $19,000. Please donate what you can at our IndieGoGo Page. Time is running out. Help us make history in the LGBTQ Community! Thank You.

They've also got a big upcoming fundraiser party on the books: March 25 at Trio Club (!), with a spring-break theme, including: "LIVE music from Mattachine Social, Jeni Wren, Jeremiah Clark, The Want Ads & Activity Universal. Queer Cabaret from the dazzling Caravan of GLAM. Comedy with the riotous Belinda Carroll. Tasty tapas bites from Trio Club chefs. Delectable adult libations from Wild Roots Vodka, Dogwood Distilling & Tito's Handmade Vodka. Classy, creative & sophisticated raffle prizes. Belly dancers. YOU dancing on one of Trio Club's THREE stellar dance floors."

Take it away, funding vid: