Oooooh! I hate it when Mr. Clueless does this!

Dating, traditional or online, increases the risk of encountering some emotional crazies but you sir, are just clueless.

We exchange a few emails, than numbers and have made a date to meet up in person for the first time, this Saturday. Since planning this date, you have gone from cute guy with potential to absolute weirdo, clueless shithead.

You text me non-stop. NON-STOP!! I work in a hospital and if I'm on the floor, my phone is in my locker. You told me you have a job but every text I get from you is about how lazy you're being, in front of your tv watching Netflix, or throwing the ball to your dog at some park. The worst are the asinine texts,"hey u" or "what r u doin?" and the most annoying, "hello? u there?"

Gaaaaah! That is definitely the wors... wait. I think I do that. (Anyway! Got a rant or confession? Drop it in the I, Anonymous Blog—home of the absolute weirdo, clueless shithead.)