Perfect Pussy
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  • Perfect Pussy
Another week, another Mercury music section that's so well hidden, even a snooper troop like Courtney Love couldn't find it.

What's in a name? When you're Perfect Pussy, an attention-grabbing moniker that's as confrontational and potentially outrageous as the band's squalling, super-brief lightning rod of a live show.

LISTEN: Perfect Pussy - "Driver"

Columbus, Ohio, folkers Saintseneca finished their new album. Then they went to Omaha and recorded (most of) it all over again.

LISTEN: Saintseneca - "Happy Alone"

Ikonika's drum lessons as a kid carry through into her modern-day electronic music.

LISTEN: Ikonika - "Mr. Cake"

John Moreland might be the greatest songwriter you've never heard of. But don't take my word for it:

LISTEN: John Moreland - "Nobody Gives a Damn About Songs Anymore"

Plus previews of more Up & Coming shows than you can scan on Tomnod.