Turn on, tune in, and drop out with this week's Mercury Letters!

—My profile on XRAY.FM raised some additional questions. Like, "Is it a consolidation of the popular kids that may drown out the underrepresented content by smaller voices?" Good question, Karl! And yes, Ashkelon, it is interesting that "KXRY 91.1 has managed to attract so much community support and media attention, while the fully operational KZME 107.1 remains largely unnoticed."

—Dawn is not the first person to object to the use of the phrase "the new Jim Crow" as regards the current state of same-sex partnerships on Oregon's law books. We can all agree that legal discrimination is "wrong and stupid," though, so great job on that tip, everyone.

—Jay knows Jim Steranko! Thanks for sharing, Jay!

—And beanerpdx is as tantalized by the possibility of Google Fiber's maybe, possibly arrival as we are. However, suggesting that we "just ask yourself, What Would Austin Do?" feels like fightin' words. How 'bout let's us do us and Austin do Austin.