Tonight, local beatmaker Montgomery Word performs a release show for two new cassettes: Semi Like and the chopped and slurred Donky Shrbt. Both tapes are filled with a disconcerting but seductive panoply of beats and samples, and are released by Montgomery Word's—AKA Jon Simon's—tape label Ewe of Now Recordings (Donky Shrbt was co-released by Any Octave, the label of Dropping Gems' Star Citymouth).

Simon tells us, "All songs are about vagina and drugs. I made it for people who like those things." You don't necessarily have to like those things to appreciate Montgomery Word's decidedly slanted approach to sound, where beats don't quite fit into their rhythmic frames, where voices and instruments don't quite do what your ear expects them to do.

On second thought, drugs couldn't hurt.

w/Big Sigh, Pelican Ossman, Raspy Meow, Shannon Phone, Rap Class; The Know, 2026 NE Alberta, 8 pm, FREE