Sometimes Portland can't resist walking headfirst into its own adorkable stereotypes, and thus we have such occurrences as this collaborative bowtie design by PINO in honor of the impending 12th annual Filmed by Bike festival:

Your choice of two colors!
  • PINO
  • Your choice of two colors!

The idea is that you wear this silk twill guy to the opening night party (the festival runs April 19-22 at the Clinton St) or any of the other satellite events, like a "Bikes in the Night Sky" storytelling night and bike bingo at Radio Room. As for the films themselves, there are 45 films from 14 countries, including the feature-length CICLO from Mexico City (brush up on your Spanish for the duration of the trailer, though I'm sure they are planning to show the subtitled version of the full length):

More info on the festivities here.