Flight 370 went down in the southern Indian Ocean. After more than two weeks, the Malaysian government today offered that certainty about the missing airliner, relying on analyses they said have never been used on this type of search. But even if debris search crews have spotted is indeed the Boeing 777, it remains unclear why the plane failed, and how it ended up south of Malaysia, far from its planned flight path to Beijing.

If you've ever flown into Chicago via O'Hare, you know this train station, and you know that the train is not supposed to go up the escalator, and you will cringe in preparation for violent death every trip there from here on out, when before you would only look forward to sausage and skyscrapers.

"Darkness and shifting debris forced rescuers Saturday night to abandon efforts to reach voices coming from a buried structure." Grim news north of Seattle, where an entire rain-drenched hillside gave way Saturday, killing at least eight people, with more than that still missing.

The area had seen problems with mudslides before, and had further weakened in recent rains, officials believe. And then this: "Western Washington is replete with similar nightmares waiting to happen, but geologists have few tools to identify which slopes are primed to fail."

Of course, Western Oregon and Western Washington share many traits.

Still-more terrifying: The worsening Ebola outbreak in Guinea. Everyone's read The Hot Zone, right? Ebola basically turns you into a bag of mushy blood.

And, what the hell, let's make this the most-depressing Good Morning, News! in recent history: Almost 530 sentenced to death, en masse, in Egypt.

In Crimea News: Russian troops seize yet another Ukrainian base, and President Obama gives a speech in front of a Rembrandt.

Sherwood's WildCat Haven, where a keeper was mauled to death by a cougar last year, has been fined $5,600 for lax safety procedures and poor cage design.

Joy and optimism end today.


For three generations, the people of the Northwest have drawn resources from the rock, the earth, and the water. Let's get to know them, shall we?