Your first listen to Agalloch's upcoming album The Serpent and the Sphere surfaced last week, when "Celestial Effigy" hit the intertubes. A seven-minute piece of many moods, it's still on the restrained side for the Oregon metal pioneers, whose style subverts existing metal subgenres for a mixture of black, folk, prog, doom, and other kinds of metal. This piece is clean and almost blinding, like a white ray of sun; its component pieces do not obscure one another. The Serpent and the Sphere is due out on Profound Lore on May 13; later that week, Agalloch play an all-ages record release show at the Star Theater on Friday, May 16. An exclusive EP will be available at that show as well.

Here's "Life in Hell" from the Woolen Men, one of the additional tracks that comes paired with their new split flexi 7-inch with Eyelids (on the record proper, the Woolen Men cover the Fall's "Psycho Mafia," while Eyelids tackle the Clean's "Anything Could Happen"). This is one of the bonus tracks available as a download with the purchase of the 7-inch, a ramshackle, acoustic, good-feeling tune from the Woolen Men. The split has been pressed in a limited edition of 250 from Off Records, and is available starting April 21, but prior to that, Eyelids and the Woolen Men will play a release show at Bunk Bar on Saturday, April 5, where you'll be sure to get your hands on the flexi before it's all gone.

Survival Knife were formed from the remnants of classic Olympia band Unwound by Justin Trosper and Brandt Sandeno, and they've got their first album—following a couple singles on Sub Pop and KRS—coming out on April 29 on Isaac Brock's Glacial Pace label. Take a listen to "Fell Runner," a jittery, jagged, but ultimately melodic track that will appear on Loose Power. Survival Knife will open for Modest Mouse at their two Portland shows at the Crystal Ballroom on May 1 and 2, and will also play their own record release show at Bunk Bar on May 16.