The following I, Anonymous author of "Getting Brushed Off" lobs this dating softball to the denizens of the I, Anonymous Blog:

After date #1, he texted me that night telling me he had fun, that I’m cute and he hopes to see me again, soon. Needless to say, I was happy when he texted me that he was free the following Friday night and wanted to meet up. So date #2 was set...

9:40 am Saturday, I get, “Hiiiiiii, Sorry! Work ran late. Then my phone died after using Pandora and excuses, excuses. Sorry I missed you!!!”

I’m totally stumped. What the fuck do I do with this?

Because when in doubt, ask the delightfully prickly commenters on the Merc's rant blog, right? Right! They have pithy advice (and pissy advice, natch). Maybe we should do an advice column—I Ask, Anonymous! Wanna get some wise (ass) advice? Write your own advice-seeking post at the I, Anonymous Blog.