So there's a chance satellites might have found Flight 370? There's something in the Indian Ocean southwest of Australia, anyway. Even if the 122 objects officials say are bobbing in the sea are from the missing plane, though, finding the actual crash site will be a punishing endeavor.

So much for progressive taxation. A new study finds people making between $8,000 and $15,000 a year are actually taxed at higher rates in Oregon than people making far more.

Open enrollment for health insurance under the Affordable Care Act ends on Monday, America. That's firm. Unless, you know, the program's bungled rollout stymied your attempts to get health insurance? Then you can have more time. But just this once!

In the agonizingly slow recovery work around the enormous mudslide in rural Washington, the official death toll stands at 16, though eight more bodies have been spotted but not recovered and more than 150 are unaccounted for. Don't expect the nightmarish, heartbreaking stories from Oso, Wash., to end anytime soon.

North Korea is churlishly firing missiles into the sea, in apparent protest of a small summit by the US, South Korea and Japan over how best to handle the touchy nation. (Side note: How terrible is the Houston Chronicle's website?)

The Dutch are an open, giving, and altogether charming people, who will bring you to ruin if you're not properly vigilant. Ask the three secret service agents who got caught up in a debauch when they were supposed to be waiting for President Obama's arrival.

Here's a train climbing some stairs.

We're in something of a holding pattern as President Obama and European leaders strategize how to handle the Russia-Ukraine crisis. If Russia moves to control of portions of Ukraine outside the Crimean Peninsula, though, it would be bad.

And Russia has its own worries. Annexing Crimea could drive it into the depths of a recession.

Same old song:


Here's a video of people crossing E Burnside in the late '30s. Pretty sure there's a tramp with a stick and bindle at the 45-second mark. Worth your time.