Sometimes magic happens on the I, Anonymous Blog. Usually, it's in the comments section. Take this treacly bit of sludge from an anonymous sad-sack on Monday. The post, "Rain Today, Part 2" delves into the spirit of human kindness, in a most aggressive manner:

Doing something for someone because your heart is filled with love and compassion that you must share it. And it is magic. And I cry when people are this kind to one another.
I'm not even talking about when my mom bailed me out of jail. So go have a good week now, fuckers.

But the aforementioned "magic" comes from Boober McDoober:

And then this one time, in third grade, you sharted yourself. And then the kindest teacher in the world, YOUR teacher, interrupted her own lunch and sharted herself too so you wouldn't feel so alone and embarrassed. And even though all the kids laughed at you, you didn't care because you knew they were just jerk-bullies who would never grow up to do nice things for other people. Nonetheless, when your mom picked you up early from school with a fresh pair of pants she drove you out to old Macdonagals farm to pick out your very own pony!!! Then and there you knew that you someday you would repay their kindnesses by writing anonymous letters to strangers on a device called the world wide web. The end.

Bravo, Boober, bravo. Join the magical ranks over on the I, Anonymous Blog.