I've got a pair of tickets to give away to this Friday's 10:15 pm production of The Big Combo, a sketch show currently running at Action/Adventure Theatre.

As Temple Lentz* wrote in last week's paper:

The Big Combo, was written, produced, and directed by two of the sharpest talents working in Portland right now.

Caitlin Kunkel is a relatively recent transplant from Chicago who's been writing and directing sketch since the moment she set foot in town; her work just keeps getting better and better. Jason Rouse is one of the funniest people to grace our fair city, and it seems like he's everywhere, all the time. Together, Kunkel and Rouse have created a strange, somewhat dark, definitely ridiculous sketch show that covers rotisserie chickens, preschool interviews, "sex fires," and time travel. And that's just a taste of what's packed into the 70-minute show.

As with most sketch revues, some of the sketches are pretty funny, a few are duds, and one or two are absolutely perfect. There's an excellent cast, with strong performers from comedy stages all over town, and they've built up an excellent rapport.

To win, email me with "chicken" in the headline by noon tomorrow. The winner will hear from me by early afternoon.

Full disclosure: Per the ongoing conflict-of-interest that is my life, my boyfriend is in this show; as far as I know, Temple wasn't aware of that conflict when she pitched or wrote her review.