From YouTube user Florida Driver comes the video you'd expect from a YouTube user named Florida Driver. Normally, here is where "The following video was filmed in portrait mode like a real asshole" warning would go, but again; this is a video shot by someone named Florida Driver, made while driving, so let's just be thankful they are managing to keep the car moving forward in a straight line without exploding. The other driver, however...

As you could tell from the Witch Hazel-esque cackling that closes the video, Florida Driver is very pleased at the outcome. The schadenfreude is delicious, as Broseph in the truck too-eagerly savored getting his way, flying that bird, and grinning that grin after unsafely following behind Florida Driver at a distance of somewhere between 40-50 feet at best.

BUT: She's also in the left-hand lane of a two-lane highway, meaning maybe she should be getting over if Brotus is going to ride ass like he's in a Major Lazer video. I understand the desire to deny a shitty driver their aggressive impulses, but when you've got about 50ft of space and you're both going 50 mph in two-to-three combined tons of metal, glass, and plastic, the point being made isn't maybe worth the potential consequences? I'm sure Broheim there in the Ford would answer in the affirmative if you asked him now.

In her video description, Florida Driver says she couldn't get over because there were trucks in the right hand lane, but the video shows the right hand lane being very empty for long stretches of time, and when Brodimus Prime finally tries to go around her, what does Florida Driver do? She speeds up to stay parallel with him instead of letting him blow by and get back over. And she's definitely not staring straight ahead at the road the whole time, because you can see her framing up the shot, which is again, in portrait mode it's 2014 for the love of fuck turn your phone sideways while you and some lunkheaded knuckledragger are endangering everyone on the road.

But, maybe I'm being unfair to Florida Driver. After all, the initial wrong was done by the douchenipple trying to push his Ford up her tailpipe at 50 mph; People who drive like that are being really dangerous to both themselves and everyone else on the road. But I have a hard time watching this video and feeling the vindication Florida Driver feels by its end.

So here comes the super-scientific opinion poll that I'm sure will accurately capture the width and breadth of opinion one could have on such a nuanced situation: