The endless wetness has set in, making moods soggy across the city. Here's how it shakes out on this week's temperature-taking Letters page:

—Vegans hardly ever chime in, but phizzi wrote in to say that if Nathan Gilles thinks vegan food sucks, he's just doing it wrong.

—Zayha didn't like Divergent either, though the details are somewhat unclear. Something about bombings over Cambodia, capitalist agitprop, and "a post-apocalyptic Chicago kibbutz-like walled community". I guess you just have to see it.

—Speaking of objectionable films, pork chop's main contention with the new Muppets movie is that there'd no Robin. :( This is sharp commentary, folks.

—Also, the secret to enjoying driving is to have a nice car, according to Amy, but I disagree. Two words, Amy: demolition derby.

Farts get all the attention, but its the burps thatll get us in the (other) end.
  • Farts get all the attention, but it's the burps that'll get us in the (other) end.