Catherine Rampell of the Washington Post noticed something interesting this morning, regarding the cost of pursuing higher education in America. Thanks to a tool made available by the US Department of Education, it's easy to see what schools are actually the most expensive to attend, and they're not in the Ivy Leagues.


I had to doublecheck to make sure #2 wasn't actually a fuckin' clown college. It's not, but the list of notable alumni isn't all that impressive for being the second-most expensive college to attend in the whole country; that list includes people who spent about 40k for the honor of having "YouTuber" listed in their post-graduate achievements.

I used the tool to see if Oregon colleges pinged on the best or worst lists, but it seems our state is nestled comfortably in the middle somewhere. So maybe art-inclined students in the region are getting soaked, but if so, at least the pressure is more like "water-pistol", and not "firehose", or in the case of the above list, "having a water tower land on you".