Don't freak out. Not yet. It's totally true that there have been more than over more than 30 earthquakes on Mount Hood since Sunday. But geologists are pretty sure nothing awful's about to happen, like an eruption. Or a BIG earthquake.

Saudi Arabia has been increasingly sore at us Americans, for being nice to the Iranians, for not being nicer to Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and for sitting out the Syrian civil war. They hate that they might have to step up and manage the Middle East in our absence. And now Barack Obama is flying to Riyadh to sweet talk them into being our friends again.

President Obama has noticed that Vladimir Putin has cagily massed an intimidating bunch of soldiers along Russia's border with Ukraine, maybe because, as he puts it, Putin's nursing "a deeply held grievance about what he considers to be the loss of the Soviet Union."

Marriage jokes everywhere. Kenya's parliament adopted legislation allowing polygamy—touching off a cultural clash between the country's Christians and feminists on one side, and supporters of the country's tribal traditions on the other. An initial version of the bill would have let wives veto their husbands' choice to marry again. The adopted version does not.

Germany's "Bishop of Bling" has been dumped by the Vatican—and its poverty-vowed, Jesuit pope—after spending $43 million to fix up his manor house.

Oregon's made the first sentence of the New York Times' look at the many—and wildly inconsistent—faces the Affordable Care Act has been presenting nationally. The disaster in our state, for example, stands in sharp contrast with the brilliance of Connecticut's online exchange. It's all evidence that the federal law, and whether you love it or hate it, depends on where you live.

Texas' new anti-abortion law—not quite banning the procedure, but setting up ridiculous barriers and conditions for both patients and providers—has been upheld by a federal appeals court. Judges ruled the law "on its face does not impose an undue burden on the life and health of a woman."

Same-sex marriages performed in Michigan just before a court order put a temporary halt on the nuptials, pending further appeals, will be recognized by the federal government.

The "Bridgegate" report out of Governor Chris Christie's office has said some exceedingly sexist things about the deputy chief of staff he fired and blamed for the political disaster.

Science shall deliver us! Human beings have manufactured a working, healthy chromosone.

Science shall deliver us! Dutch scientists have saved a woman suffering from a rare bone disorder—using a 3D printer to fabricate a clear plastic replacement for most of her skull.