April Fool's Day, the day humanity regrets inventing the internet, is usually little more than a painful exercise in tedium. But sometimes remembering that it's April 1 is a fucking relief, because sometimes, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel will make a spoof trailer—say, for a clearly fake movie called Sex Tape, in which a couple's sex tape ends up "syncing to all the iPads we gave out as gifts"—and for the first chunk of the trailer, you'll be thinking, "Oh, jesus fucking christ, this movie somehow looks even worse than its synopsis made it sound! This is just horrible for everyone." But then you'll remember it's April Fool's Day, and the cleansing waters of relief will wash over you, because it means phew, this all has to be some sort of ill-conceived prank. Seriously, how shitty would it be if Sex Tape was actually a real movie? Ha! Good one, Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel!