• From Batman '66 by Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case

From 5-7 pm tonight at Cosmic Monkey Comics (5335 NE Sandy), Jeff Parker and Jonathan Case are going to be signing copies of their fancy new hardcover collection of Batman '66, their fantastically fun comic that captures everything insane and delightful about the old-school Batman TV show. (Remember when Batman who was actually a fun guy to spend time with, instead of an asshole one-percenter whose hobbies include glowering and beating up poor people and then glowering at their bodies?) It's hard to stress just how goofy, bright, and enjoyable Batman '66 is*, and both Parker and Case are charming guys, so this signing? RECOMMENDED. Looks like Cosmic Monkey has also added two other comics creators to the bill, too—Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire, who'll be signing copes of Moon Knight—so there you go. Now you have an excellent reason to swing by a comic shop tonight.

*And I'd be saying this even if both Parker and Case hadn't participated in the comics event Alison and I put on. Promise.