The print edition of Agenda, the Mercury's new arts and performance magazine, came out last week—if you didn't run across a copy tucked into an issue of the paper, you'll certainly be seeing it around town at coffee shops and bars and bookstores. I think it's better in print, personally—our art director Scrappers did an amazing job laying it out—but if you're a digital-first sort of reader, Agenda is now online here.

If you're into staying up to date with the Merc's arts coverage, like Agenda on Facebook. The next issue scheduled for fall, but we'll be using that page to share arts-related stories year-round.

I'm interested in feedback, too—this was the first issue and the learning curve was steep, but I'm hoping to make it even better next time. So if you've got any input, I'd love to see it. (Just...try not to be a dick about it, she said in vain to the internet.)