Drugs! Money! Farts! This week's Letters page is fucked!*

—Michael wrote in to congratulate contributor Nathan Gilles on his serious article on bovine farts, bestowing him a series of accolades for "Pooblic Service," "Breaking Wind Reporting," and "Eructative Reporting." We'll take it!

—There is much to be discussed regarding this $15 business. sethwoolley, frankieb, and Tori give voice to some of the questions and concerns, like how it will affect small businesses, inflation, and the fact that, "Workers need to have money to pay rent and buy food, plain and simple."

The I, Anonymous about a super inconsiderately disposed hypodermic elicited a sympathetic response from A, who's been through that shit before.

—And finally a request from Wales of all places regarding the re-institution of Jerry Masterson's column. We could do, but it would be FUCKED.


You may now write in your stirring defense of Cornelius Van Shack Armentrout, by clicking here.

*Congratulations to you, reader, if you caught that reference before reading down.