A PDX Driver Faces Punishment for Hitting a Cyclist, For Once, And It's Steep.


While I agree she should be prosecuted, labeling a car a 'deadly weapon' goes beyong sensible reasoning. Maybe it's merely semantics, but still...
What part of "anything you say can, and will be used against you" do people fail to understand?
A deadly weapon is one which can inflict mortal or great bodily harm. Car: made of steel and capable of great speed. Human: soft and slow. I'd say the definition is well-met, an assessment supported by countless judges.
But then a plane, train, forklift, any sort of machinery-- even a bicycle (!) can be construed to be a "weapon".
We humans are pretty damn frail, really.
They will find this to be self defense. On one side we have a male that has twice confronted a driver and probably wasn't civil about it. On the other side we have a woman that was probably scared. Note that she stopped once the man was incapacitated instead of driving away.
And wouldn't you know, Groce has been arrested twice in recent years, both on assault-related charges.
@Ice Prez, yeah that is a factor. I don't think it justifies what she did, but we were not there and don't know how he approached her....its possible she felt physically threatened and reacted. There is a rumor she will not be charged
She has been released and will not be charged according to KATU
DIRK, while her actions could have been more measured, certainly, I think you still owe the girl an apology for plastering her mudshot - HUGELY - on your blog while not reporting all the facts.
You should have dug deeper into this story before painting anyone as evil.
Sorry dude....
Dirk, you ride a fixie by chance?
Hmmm... I know him.
He has always been nothing but kind to me and my wife too.
However, that don't change the fact the girl shouldn't have her face posted up like a FBI Top Ten Wanted List.
I now read he says she was texting.....
That is unforgivable if true.
It would be nice to get an update and the reasoning behind the decision not to press charges.
Stories are reported as facts are gathered. If news outlets waited to report until all the facts were in, daily newspapers would go out of business in a month.

So it's annoying to constantly have readers who freak out at initial reports with limited information. If the information were incorrect, it'd be different. Stop trying to manage the press from afar.
^^guspacho made a reasonable request and this is the freaking Mercury for gods sake! So, what do you do on the staff?
Too bad Groce's mugshots weren't added to the story as well.
I asked for an update, not to hold off on reporting anything until all the facts are in. Reading comprehension, people.
You know, it's bad enough when the Oregonian runs a story about a driver deliberately attempting to smash a cyclist with their car and the grubby ultraconservative worms that infest their comments sections take the driver's side. I never imagined that all the same worms lived under the Mercury's rock as well.