NEVERMIND. It looked like law enforcement was going to take seriously (very seriously) a motorist's apparently intentional swipe at a cyclist on Friday. KATU says she won't be charged.

Are you rich? Then you could help the city of Bothell, Wash., get its very own bastion of uninspired food, mediocre beer, and coolish architecture: A McMenamins!

You've heard this tale before. Portland State University professors—like city laborers, Portland Public Schools Teachers, and PSU non-faculty staff before them—are threatening a strike after years of well-documented disinvestment in the state's university system. Can the union reach a deal with administrators before the proposed strike date of April 16? My guess is yes.

From deep within the Indian Ocean, a signal transmission! It would seem foolish to assume it's the missing Malaysia Airlines jet.

Cops in Hillsboro started meditating. The Oregonian's running a four-part series.

Hot dog! Wages are maybe rising? Or not. The NYT has more than you probably want to know about the country's sluggish pay recovery.

Also: "A Portland-area breadwinner working a minimum wage job would need to work 78 hours a week to afford rent for an average two-bedroom market rate apartment."

Charles Jordan died. He was Portland's first black city commissioner, and he probably influenced the park you're walking in as you read this. Put your laptop away. You're in a park.

The feeding frenzy has already begun, following Thursday's US Supreme Court decision freeing up individuals' campaign donations.

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is term-limited from holding office again. His successor will be chosen today.

Here's this:


And this, which is amazing.