Design collaborations are common enough, but early word on one slated for early fall has caught my particular attention. Liza Rietz and BOET's Emily Bixler are apparel and accessory designers for the most part, but both of their work easily overlaps with fine art perspective. Rietz's designs, especially her one of a kind masterpieces, are the sort of clothing you can call "sculptural" without exaggeration, and while Bixler most frequently traffics in metal and fiber as earrings and necklaces, she's also done great installation and wall handing work, even fashioning some lighting fixtures for a month-long trunk show she held at Yo Vintage! last fall. The two have neighboring studios up in NW, and the news of an upcoming shared project is the best kind of inevitable. Via Rietz:

Emily and I have gravitated towards each others work for years now, and are looking to design and make a collection of sculptural clothing combining Emily's signature crochet and textural knitting with my structural garment construction. We are both fascinated by garment as sculpture - focusing on architectural and textural elements and how a garment takes shape once on the physical body. In blending our two distinct but similar modalities, we hope to achieve aspects of design that would otherwise not be possible. We are hoping to have a collection of no more than 10 pieces and we are planning on having an opening in late September or early October with the intention of displaying the collection for a month.

Stay tune for more on the project as it develops over on MOD.