Neil Degrasse Tyson is too prevalent, too universally liked, too smiley. He must be destroyed. I'm not proud of it, but that is how I think, the Law of Contrary Public Opinion. I just got this overwhelming sense that somebody was She's All Thating him. Somebody made a bet that they could make a goofy astrophysicist famous and it worked and now somebody is going to end up at graduation naked.

That still may be true, but he's so god damn charming in Cosmos that I'm giving up trying to hate him. He wears funny hats, does silly things like poke a fire with a stick and dust himself off after CGI asteroid impacts, and he talks about science in a way that is approachable but still completely dorky. And he's got big, awkward hands. It's great!

At the end of episode 1 of the series, he shows his name in Carl Sagan's date book from their first meeting when Tyson was only 17, and that was an amazing moment of TV. The whole of Cosmos good. In fact, my only complaint is that The Ship of the Imagination doesn't seem to have any handrails, so The OSHA of the Imagination is going to be pissed. But that's it.

It is with much reticence that I admit this, but even if it was originally on a bet, I've fallen in love with Neil Degrasse Tyson. He is all that.