Trying to wrest the Cover Oregon health care exchange from the bog of incompetence where it's mired could cost $45 million and two more years, a recent report found. Way cheaper for Oregonians? Just using the federal site. Or piggybacking off another state's efforts. Anything, really. Those commercials were so twee, though!

The Cover Oregon embarrassment isn't hurting Gov. John Kitzhaber's campaign bank account any. But how badly is it hurting his public perception? Polling numbers released (by a pro-Republican outfit) suggest neither Kitzhaber nor US Sen. Jeff Merkley are clear-cut winners come November.

The big splashy headline on KGW this morning is: NW has seen 130 quakes over past two weeks. Oh no! In light of the recent quake in Sherwood and other incidents on the West Coast, is it finally time for us to start bracing for our fates? Nope. Well, maybe. But it turns out 130 is perfectly normal.

Portland State University faculty members called a tentative agreement reached with administrators—in the shadow of a potential strike—a "big win." One telling figure: They secured $6.4 million in raises over the next year and a half. The university had offered only $2.8 million.

Russian troops are amassed at its borders, and pro-Russian demonstrators began taking control of some of its public buildings on Sunday. Ukraine's not going out like that (yet, at least). The troubled nation launched an offensive today to clear protestors out.

The University of Connecticut Huskies are men's basketball champions, which is stupid.

Hackers are really good at what they do, and it's pointless for us to fight them? That's not technically the thesis of this NYT piece, but I'm feeling pessimistic this morning.

The latest news from lovely North Korea: They've taken to executing people by flame thrower.

I don't know. Everyone is talking about this Oscar Pistorious trial this morning. I refuse to read the coverage. Here's the latest, if you're interested.

Settle in and have yourselves a week:


Uh oh. Something's rotten in the Rose City.