It's another beautiful spring in Portland, Oregon, USA for the second year in a row! Does this mean people will finally stop ho-humming about it "raining constantly until July"? Probably not! Does this mean climate change? Maybe! Either way, the sun brings joy as well as the return of old worries, like...

—Homelessness! Prosper Portland is maybe sort of a plan to address it that might happen? But homeless reader wolkenkaiser worries about the emphasis on routing out campsites, pointing out that there's a difference between camping and "nesting."

—Drugs! Commissioner Steve Novick's questioning of the resources poured into the cops' Drugs and Vice Division has us all aflutter. Is the city's availability of cheap heroin something that makes that a "really, really stupid idea" or evidence that "the division isn't very effective at what it is supposed to do"? Or does the unit just represent "simple maintenance" to keep Portland's potential as an illegal drug Shangri-La?

—Last Thursday! NE Alberta neighbors brace themselves for drunken hordes who hog up parking and pee on lawns while Magnus laments the fact that the event is "starting to look more like any other street fair and less vibrant then it did 10 to 12 years ago."

—More drugs! "A Recovering Addict" suggests that changing light bulbs in bathrooms across the city with blue ones, which "RENDER VEINS INVISIBLE" might prevent wayward needles. Thanks, "A Recovering Addict"!