THE RAID 2 Kick, punch. It’s all in the mind.
  • THE RAID 2 Kick, punch. It’s all in the mind.

UNDER THE SKIN Jonathan Glazer's latest, following Sexy Beast and Birth, stars Scarlett Johansson as an alien who preys on unsuspecting earthmen. Zac says it's "more than just a welcome and worthy addition to the arthouse sci-fi cannon." I'm both stoked and terrified to see this.

THE UNKNOWN KNOWN Errol Morris kicks it with Donald Rumsfeld! Just in case you needed a reminder of what it felt like during the Bush Administration to wake up every morning feeling like baaaasically the world might come to an end at any second.

JODOROWSKY'S DUNE I don't like Dune and I don't like Jodorowsky's movies. Jodorowsky himself, on the other hand, is 100 percent awesome in this great, funny, and sad documentary, which chronicles his failed attempt to make an ambitious, super-weird Dune movie. This movie is going to be a hard sell to most of you people, but just go see it, TAKE A GODDAMN CHANCE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE.

THE RAID 2 I am super bummed to report that The Raid 2 is kind of terrible. You should probably just watch The Raid again instead. Or Dredd!

JOE Alison did not care for David Gordon Green's latest. (In related news, has anyone checked if Netflix has a "Hicksploitation" section yet?)

DRAFT DAY Last night Frank Langella was on Tavis Smiley to promote Draft Day, and when Smiley lobbed him a softball opening question—"What motivated you to do this one?"—Langella said, "Money." I like Frank Langella.

OCULUS: THE MIRROR THAT KILLS THIS IS A MOVIE ABOUT A MIRROR THAT KILLS PEOPLE. And Amy Pond is in it! I cannot imagine that there is anything else you could possibly need to know about Oculus: The Mirror That Kills.

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