Huh. Somebody really loves Angelina Jolie.

I am so fascinated with Angelie Jolie that I find myself searching the internet for anything about her. It is a girl crush I know, but isn't she so mature these days and more gorgeous then ever?
What a life. Brad Pitt the kids, her clothes, and her rebel personality that says to the world>Angie is here to stay>
Some think i am to soft about her past but I sayAngie even has a instrument trained jet pilots license. Angie,please come to Portland, OREGON.

Ummm... shouldn't you ask the rest of us before you invite Angelina Jolie to Portland? Well, if she comes, she's sleeping on YOUR couch, not mine! (As for the rest of you, do you have a rant, confession, or bizarre celebrity crush to share with the world? Send it to the I, Anonymous Blog—and by the way, Angelina Jolie is a HOMEWRECKER.)