Here's the mind-melting new one from Underlords Take Acid. It's a one-off project with Jonnie Ray Monroe and Christian Carmine from Fist Fite, Josh Hughes from Rabbits, and Captain John from Diesto. They recorded an 11-hour jam session at Type Foundry and edited down into a seven-track album, which comes out tomorrow on Eolian Empire. Take a listen to "The Way Down," a slow-moving juggernaut moving through a forest of old-growth timber, knocking down ancient, gargantuan trees like a cat cutting through grass. The digital version's here while a super-limited vinyl edition will be out this summer. Monroe has also been releasing video under the name Underlords Take Acid, and tomorrow night will be showing off her video catalog and premiering the new album with a listening party of sorts. That goes down at East End.

Just Lions' Chandler Strutz has recently finished a solo EP which he's calling Acoustic Bummer, so you can't fault him for false advertising. While Strutz's band Just Lions has been playing all over town the past couple years, he's also suffered from migraines and vision problems, and this EP reflects his songwriting without the upbeat counterpoint his band offers. As he says, "This album isn't supposed to pep you up before a night out on the town." Strutz plays an EP release show on Tuesday, April 22 at the Firkin Tavern, where he'll be joined by Bevelers, Adam Brock, and Matthew Ulm.

Garage rock revivalists Paradise have a new record out next week; Soldiers of the Modern Age comes out April 22 on Teen Sound Records, and here's "My Kingdom," a peppy, jerky tune with Farfisa to spare. (Check out "Born and Bound," also from Soldiers of the Modern Age, here.) Paradise plays their record-release show on Saturday, May 3 at the Doug Fir.

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Here's local producer Alexander Devine's "redesign" of Drake's "Draft Day," turned into a muscular funk workout with an exciting drum track and guitar courtesy of Ryan Cutsforth. With this kind of full-tilt backing, Drake kind of recedes into the background—this sounds not unlike a recent Prince track.

Lastly, here's the collaborative effort from Portland noise-horror duo the Body and Baton Rouge doomsludgers Thou, a ferocious effort called Released from Love, which features three fully collaborative tracks and a bloodcurdling cover of Vic Chesnutt's "Coward." It's a relentless, suffocating listen, out now as a 12-inch on Vinyl Rites. The Body also recently released the just-as-disconcerting album I Shall Die Here earlier this month. Thou, meanwhile, rolls through town on Wednesday, with an all-ages show at Slabtown on April 16.