Diesel's Portland store may still be searching for a new home, but Madewell wasted no time claiming their former brewery blocks space, at 30 NW 12th. The windows have been papered over for months, but now the chain—albeit a rather beloved chain—is poised to open officially on April 30. I don't really get it why so many of my friends are doing the pee dance over this; their designs are nice, and the prices are kinda-sorta cheap I guess, but not H&M or Forever 21 cheap. The dresses listed under current new arrivals are simple and cute, in the $140-170 range, with tops at around $70-100, but they go over the $200 mark for mixed-in higher end labels like Whit. It's not much of a reach at all just to patronize one of your locally owned boutiques, you know (there's an argument in here about how larger chains' arrivals create a trickle down effect to the smaller guys, which I would like to believe out of optimism), but whatever: Portland's Madewell. April 30. Be happy, Madewell fans, and consider yourselves informed.

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