Look! Variety reviewed the HUMP! tour... AND LOVED IT! Here's just a taste:

Simply put, it’s refreshing to see erotic films in which there’s actual chemistry between sexual partners, where the couples (or groups, as in “Dungeons & Dragons Orgy’s” horned-up nerd herd) appear to be having fun, rather than working. It also underscores the importance of screenwriting, even when it comes to dirty movies. By taking the time to plan things out in advance, these incredibly creative teams manage to capture and hold our interest, even when the “action” isn’t necessarily to our liking — like “Pie Sluts,” in which a stern mistress splats her clients in the face with cream pies. This isn’t a real phenomenon any more than the viral “Cake Farts” video it may or may not be parodying, but it’s plenty entertaining all the same.

Simply put, get your goddamn tickets NOW for this one weekend only "Best of HUMP!" tour coming to Cinema 21 on May 15-17... because if you don't trust your many friends who've attended HUMP! in the past, at least take the word of Variety. Read the rest here, by the way.

ALSO! Maybe Variety would write up your mini five-minute porn film if you'd submit one already! We are now ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS for HUMP! 2014, which means now's the perfect time to start planning your dirty movie opus. As always, you get extra points if you include certain props in your film, and here are the three extra point props we'll be looking for in 2014: Joe Biden, Cocktail Umbrellas, and Google Glass. (Oh boy!)

See you at the "Best of HUMP!" tour in May, and see you (naked) in HUMP! 2014... coming this Fall!

UPDATE: And it's just been confirmed that the beloved Dan Savage will be personally hosting all the Portland "HUMP! Tour" screenings. TICKETS.