Erik totally Stephanie Tannered a guy at lunch today.

(Does that work? Or does it sound like a sex thing?)

Here's what happened: We were in line at Los Gorditos, waiting to order at the counter. It was very crowded. There was a table open when Erik and I stepped up to order, but when we turned to sit down a jacket and a fedora had mysteriously appeared on the only unoccupied table in the restaurant.

Here's what happened next:

Noticing a conspicuously jacket-free and un-fedora'd man in line behind us, Erik said: "Did you just put your stuff on that table?"

The man said yes.

Erik said: "Oh, so you you set down your stuff before you ordered?"

The man said yes again.

Erik said...

"That's rude."


(Then the guy apologized and offered us the table, and Erik sort of passive-aggressively declined and got our food to go, and then we all avoided eye contact for the next 15 minutes, because Portland.)