GOAT How festive!
  • GOAT How festive!
Another week, another sigh of relief as you learn that AC/DC is not hanging up the towel just yet. (Get well soon, Malcolm!)

Goat come from the tiny Swedish village of Korpilombolo, where they say voodoo has been practiced for a thousand years. Since this is geographically and historically impossible, let's just enjoy the hippies in masks making danceable Afrobeat and leave it at that.

LISTEN: Goat - "Dreambuilding"

Slick Rick is one of hiphop's all-time greats. So what has he been up to since 1999's The Art of Storytelling?

LISTEN: Slick Rick - "Sittin' in My Car"

Bill Rieflin has enlisted Robert Fripp, Peter Buck, and other illustrious musicians to help him make Slow Music.

LISTEN: Slow Music - Portland, May 5, 2006: "Improv VII" [sample]

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