Wheezie (Via)

The Rose–Club Chemtrail: Wheezie, Gang $ign$, Massacooramaan, SPF666, Commune, 10 pm, $5
Alberta Street Pub–Naomi Wachira, Robin Bacior, Stirling Myles, 8 pm, $5
Black Book–Modern(-ist): DJ Troubled Youth, Ryan Biornstad, 10 pm, free
Blackwater Records–Bi-marks, Long Knife, Autistic Youth, 7 pm, $3, all ages
Doug Fir–Ural Thomas & the Pain, Shirley Nanette, Ancient Heat, 9 pm, $15-18
East End–A Volcano, Gloomsday, Toim, Hundred Eye, 9 pm, $5
Holocene–Body Party: Holla & Oates, Rap Class, Barisone, 9 pm, free
LaurelThirst Public House–Matty Charles, Katie Rose, WC Beck, 9:30 pm
Mississippi Studios–Mission Spotlight, Holiday Friends, Hello Damascus, 9 pm, $5
Slabtown–Slow Seasons, 100 Watt Mind, Surfs Drugs, 9 pm, $6
Star Theater–The Orb, Nordic Soul, 9 pm, $17
Turn! Turn! Turn!–Mike Coykendall, Donald Beaman & the Spirit Molecules, Kelly Bauman, Jim Rizzuto, 8 pm, $6
Valentine's–Fine Pets, Jollapin Jasper, 9 pm
White Eagle–Chris Baron, 5:30 pm, free, all ages; Monica Nelson & the Highgates, Jenny Don't & the Spurs, 8:30 pm, free