OPB Music (or "opbmusic," as they brand themselves) is hosting a free show tonight at Mississippi Studios with local acts Alela Diane (pictured above) and Houndstooth. I believe this is Diane's first show in Portland since last June, so it's bound to be packed, and it's also the launch of OPB Music's new "Stagepass" concert series, for which they're undertaking an Indiegogo fundraising campaign. "

Beginning May 9—tonight's show with Diane and Houndstooth is not technically part of the series—Stagepass will host local acts at Mississippi Studios, and film high quality video and audio of each show which will be features on PBS Digital Studios and YouTube for distribution around the country. PBS Digital Studios will also match the campaign's projected goal of $20,000 if it's reached. One of the incentives for potential donors is admission to all nine Stagepass concerts for $75.

“With Stagepass, we want to expose more people to the area’s most popular and up-and-coming artists through these exciting live shows,” said David Christensen, program director, opbmusic. “We also have a unique opportunity to help build recognition for and expand interest in the Northwest music scene to audiences around the world.”
The series begins May 10 with a performance from Modern Kin, and continues July 12 with Mimicking Birds. More shows will be announced in the coming weeks and month.

Alela Diane, Houndstooth; Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, tonight, 9 pm, FREE