Marjorie Skinner: "I’m going to try to catch Alela Diane at Mississippi Studios tonight, then cramming in as much hiking and trail running as possible (fitness!), and—of course—watching Game of Thrones with some of Steve’s leftover Alien Dawg."

Erik Henriksen: "Tomorrow night I'll be seeing Alex Falcone's live talk show Late Night Action, in which I'll begrudgingly tolerate Alex in order to see two of his guests that I'm super stoked about, Simpsons writer Bill Oakley and Gone Home writer/designer/guy Steve Gaynor. I might also have a few beers and catch Reservoir Dogs at the Laurelhurst, given that I don't think I've ever seen it in a theater. Also finish catching up on Inside Amy Schumer, which is rapidly approaching favorite show status."

Alison Hallett: "I have some family in town this weekend, so I'm going full tourist. Among other things, we're doing the "Portland Sinful Walking Tour" with Doug from Kick Ass Oregon History. I'll be at Late Night Action with Alex Falcone on Saturday, and Sunday night I'm watching my stories. Weekend reading: The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P., which comes out in paperback next month; it's very fun and funny so far."

Wm. Steven Humphrey: “Tonight I’m going to see the opening night performance by Portland’s greatest sketch comedy duo, The Aces. After spending an hour and a half laughing my ass off, I’ll be picking up decimated pieces of my ass. Tomorrow (Saturday), along with the rest of the world, I’ll probably attend Late Night Action with Alex Falcone and grumble the entire time about how I can't get away from my workmates. On Sunday, I'll do my best to avoid Christians.”

Ned Lannamann: "Chocolate bunnies, Catholic guilt, and weed. All weekend long. Just kidding. Yard work, probably—I have a ton to catch up on. Also, Record Store Day."

Denis "C." Theriault: "What fun the rest of these fine people are having! Comedy! Theater! Music! Alex Falcone! Yard work! Not me. I'm cleaning the basement. A week after cleaning the garage. And the payoff won't even come until next Saturday: St. Johns' annual Trash 2 Treasure "community sharing event." That's where we'll be taking all the clutter we've been culling through so it can be recycled and/or reused or just plain ol' dust-binned. For free. You can come and scavenge even if you aren't dumping stuff. And maybe... maybe... I'll head to the St. Johns Cinema one night and finally see the Wes Anderson movie the rest of the world has seen. All work and no play. Or some bullshit like that."

Dirk VanderHart: