This slipped under my radar, so maybe it slipped under yours, too: This Friday, two excellent podcasts on the Maximum Fun network are recording live shows at the Mission: Jordan, Jesse, Go! and Stop Podcasting Yourself.

Jordan, Jesse, Go is the joint podcast of comedy writer Jordan Morris and podcast kingpin Jesse Thorn (of Bullseye, formerly The Sound of Young America). It's a chatty, casual interview show that snags interesting guests; try out a Marc Maron episode, or this recent episode with great LA comic Guy Branum. (WHY AREN'T YOU AT BRIDGETOWN THIS YEAR, LA COMIC GUY BRANUM?)

Stop Podcasting Yourself is a fantastic show out of Vancouver, BC, that pretty much boils down to "two funny guys talking to each other about stuff." Hosts Graham Clark and Dave Shumka are both super likable; you don't so much "listen" to them as you hang out with them while being in a different place, and also they can't hear you. (Put THAT on a poster.) I caught a live taping of the show with Paul F Tompkins a few months ago in Vancouver (brag) and it was super fun. If you've not heard it before, try this episode, with one of their best recurring guests, comic Alicia Tobin.

Again, that's Friday at the Mission. Tickets here!