Scalpers ruin the fun for this Justin Timberlake fan (who's coming to the Moda Center in November SQUEEEEEE!).

I didn't have access to any pre-sale tickets (I signed up for the fan club one day late, don't have VIP credit cards, etc.) and had to work when they went on sale to the public. So I had a friend of mine ready at her computer at exactly 10am the morning they went on sale to try and get a few of us the best tickets possible. You know, to treat ourselves and FINALLY see our boy JT here in the lovely Rose City. And what happens? We get ICED OUT! Because of shitbag ticket dealers and scalpers like you.

Well, while I hate blaming the victim, if he/she was already a member of the Justin Timberlake fan club (like I am) he/she would've already bought their tickets (like I did). Do you have a rant, confession, or salt you'd like to rub in someone's wound? Take it to the I, Anonymous Blog—where you can cry us a river.